German Studies

The Roy Jones Fellowships


The Department of German Studies is delighted to announce a number of Roy Jones Fellowships for intermediate-level students of German to attend an 8-week, intensive language course in Germany. The fellowship is worth at least $ 4,500 and can be used for travel, accommodation and/or tuition expenses.

German Poetry

"If the soul speaks out, alas! it is no longer the soul that speaks" - in Schiller's famous line one of the many fascinating paradoxes of lyric poetry is expressed. With the tradition of the "Lied," poems set to music, German poetry of the Classical-Romantic epoch was soon to become the epitome of lyric poetry as such. There were, however, poems of quite different kinds before and after Goethe, Eichendorff, and Heine.

German Film

"From Caligari to Hitler" -and beyond. In the vein of the title of a well-known study on German film during the Weimar Republic the course offers a cinematographic history of German and European politics and culture from the early Expressionist silent movies on the award winning "Life of Others." Taught in English. This course is limited to first-year students only, any others will be removed from this course.